VFX Combined Pack – Motionarray 1866488

Product VFX Combined Pack
Link https://motionarray.com/final-cut-pro-templates/vfx-combined-pack-1866488/
Author BluePrint
File Name vfx-combined-pack-1866488.zip
Audio Link https://motionarray.com/royalty-free-music/window-breaker-9231/

This Final Cut Pro template features a collection of realistic visual effects (VFX) overlays. It is designed to simplify creating stunning motion graphics and animations by providing a set of pre-designed effects, such as explosions, fire, smoke, energy, and more. Whether you’re working on a film, video, or animation project, this template can be used to improve visuals of your works.

Download: Đăng Ký Thành Viên
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